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It was said that bomb exploded in Bamenda suddenly then the people got so vexed and hoisted the Ambazonian flag saying “enough is enough” They want secession and never unification. This hoisting of the flag caused a lot of confusion in the people leading to some lost of lives and wounded people as well
    This question has caused and endless controversy in people. The real question is are the Ambazonians wasting their previous time so that it will only get into history as the Anglophone problem? Is it a vainless match or it will bear fruit. Everyone is waiting for the results of this.

Why should Cameroon be seperated? 
People have given divert reasons to why we should separate such as
-desire to be alone
-change of power
-reduction in corruption 
Why we shouldn’t secced
They say we are one and a family 
-inappropriate reallocated raw materials
-Each country has problems
The bible advocates for peace.
-power will one day change.

His Excellency Paul Biya has already made it clear to the UN that Cameroon is one and indivisible so do you even think we can seccessed or Ambazonians are just wasting their time killing people?Pleaseckindly drop your comments y’all opinion counts
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