SONG: Weekend by Moshino King ft Myster


Thanks more for always following us so to facilitate please subscribe. Today we are going to divert your attention from news to an amazing  song because as often said “Too much reading without playing makes Jack a dull boy” everything being equal. Moshino is that kind of an artist that though an African (Cameroon) people say he sings like an American. He has one extraordinary melody in his voice that can’t make any not to share or resist when they listen to his song. Would we allow our fellow 237 talent just die down without us helping it to grow by listening?

 I know we have very good hearts and can’t allow good talents to be hidden so the song we are going to be talking about is “” WEEKEND”. This song was produced by Beat Baller for those who are versatile enough will know this producer has proven to be that one producer 237 can be proud of. He can produce for the entire World.As often said “when you’re good, you know good things” that’s why Moshino ft Myster can never be called a coincidence. They sing like it was their last day on earth but the same question puzzles me. Would we allow good talents drown? Just click here to help your 237 artists👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆.
Hoping people would decide to help our country grow by helping others because even the bible advocates that, I will end by thanking all those who read this, it’s a pleasure and a big sacrifice to visit Afrixbinks blog mindful of the fact that you have lots of things to do.


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