Will the cancellation of Cameroon artist Bala Tu k video “Boko haram” lead to his release?


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This question on whether the cancellation of the Cameroon artist Bala Tu K ( as he is called profession wise) song and video “Boko Haram”   lead to his release from detention has  caused an endless controversy in Cameroonians.

 People have been wondering throughout why this artist was arrested. Some say he was illegally arrested for having sang a song which doesn’t help in the growth of the country but rather brings down its image while others say it is because he didn’t present his national ID card at the checkpoint at night so he was suspected as one of those people they police said creates disorder in the country. As pathetic as this maybe, no one can really justify but the artist himself.
The detention of this artist has left a sad impact on the Cameroon entertainment, most people demand for his release and to show how serious the demand is, his song “Boko Haram” has been cancelled though the amount of time, energy and most importantly the finances used.
As convincing as the sacrifices made for the song qnd video may sound, however, it was cancelled and the population plead for his release because he is a great impact in the industry.
In a nutshell, from the above analysis, the people plead for the release of the Cameroon artist BALA TU K, because he has a great impact on the industry. 
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