Thanks once more for visiting this blog, it’s a pleasure. As often said, too much work without playing makes Jack a dull boy so we are drifting y’all attention to music which of course we know has many objectives some of which is to entertain and educate.

Due to the aforementioned point, we’ll like y’all to anticipate CHOP CHAIR by Gudda Roe one of Cameroon’s best rappers.

CHOP CHAIR is produced by Steve. Gudda is a Cameroonian signed under Lion Nation one of Cameroon’s best label with good producers such as Gima, Steve who ensure they always make hits. Gudda is based mostly is afro and “mboko” rap and with hia talents he decided to entertain we all. It’s worth noting that CHOP CHAIR will be released on the 5th November 2017 we all hoping all will be ready for the hit.

This will amaze all

So while we anticipate the song of the amazing artist, to see his worth we could keep listening to one of his works.

While anticipating his new song we could entertain ourselves with the previous entitled LEVEL. Thanks once more for reading please don’t forget to subscribe for more information.

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