Anticipate Mpotti Dance by Gladiators

Anticipate Mpotti Dance

Thanks once more for visiting this blog, please subscribe. Now we are on a group of artists who found talent in each other and decided to form a team.

They are the GLADIATORS , authors of the hit song “MONEY NA WETI”video shot by Mr *ADRENALINE*in July 2016. Also, they are urban music singers based in Douala and owners of  the newest record label *AFRICA DREAMS PRODUCTION*. They’re made up of two francophones *PASSOL & SKARPY PROD* and one Anglophone  *McIvo Epiesco*

They are planning on releasing a song on Saturday  11 the November 2017. So before we know what Gladiators are will sing, we should know what they are capable of doing through ” Money Na weti”

This was the first hit song of Gladiators

So we are called on to click below and watch “Money na weti”

Due to this hit song they have gone to radios and TV’s to do their song promotion one of which is Sweet FM, the pic below portrays this:

Sweet FM with Tony
Anticipate Mpotti Dance

So their next release is entitled Mpotti Dance and from the title we all know how it will be

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