Prince Harry’s marriage announcements hailed


Daily ExpressImage captionUnsurprisingly nearly every newspaper in the country has led with the news that Prince Harry has become engaged to American Meghan Markle. The Daily Express leads the charge with the headline “the look of love”. The Express reports Prince Harry said: “When did I know she was the one? From the very first time we met.”

Daily Telegraph
Image captionThe Telegraph’s front page is adorned with a picture of a beaming Prince Harry and Ms Markle in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace. The paper reports the fifth in line to the throne proposed to his bride-to-be over a roast chicken supper.
The i
Image captionThe i claims the union between the “divorced American actress” and the prince will be a “royal wedding like no other”. Its front page the paper states Ms Markle will become the first mixed-race member of the Royal Family.
The Metro
Image captionThe Metro is dubbing Tuesday’s issue the “royal engagement special”. The paper highlights Ms Markle’s engagement ring, which was designed by Prince Harry.
The Sun
Image captionThe Sun has employed a classic Robbie Williams track in its headline on Harry and Meghan. “She’s the one” sums up the story in three words.
Daily Mail
Image caption“The stars were all aligned,” is the quote from Prince Harry the Daily Mail chooses to focus on for its headline, along with a promise of a 24-page glossy souvenir magazine.
The Mirror
Image captionThe Daily Mirror states that diamonds owned by Prince Harry’s mother were used in the engagement ring designed for Ms Markle
Daily Star
Image captionThe Daily Star has seen an opportunity in their front page story, campaigning for a bank holiday for “party-loving Brits” to celebrate the royal wedding, “sparking a 72-hour knees-up”.
Financial Times
Image captionThe value of virtual currency Bitcoin has soared by 850% since January, the Financial Times reports. But traditional marketplaces warned they were becoming “uncomfortable” as the cryptocurrency approached the symbolic $10,000 (£7,500) threshold. The world’s largest trading platform IG Group suspended trading of some Bitcoin derivatives on Monday after demand for the products left the company facing a high security risk.
The Times
Image captionLeft-wing supporters of Jeremy Corbyn have begun a “purge” of centrist local councillors in a bid to put their candidates up for local election, the Times claims. The paper says politicians across the country have been deselected in favour of candidates aligned with the Momentum campaign group.
The Guardian
Image captionBrexit Secretary David Davis could be in contempt of parliament after providing “heavily redacted” reports on the impact of leaving the EU to a select committee, the Guardian reports. MPs have accused Mr Davis of leaving out “politically embarrassing” information after refusing to include anything that could be considered market sensitive.

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