(Anticipate) Sein Monty-Don’t play me


We are glad you visited the site, you are always welcome. With one of our main objectives being  for entertaining and informing y’all, we are here on the anticipation of Sein Monty’s new song Don’t play me.

He is a young talented Cameroonian in his twenties. Having recorded a lot of songs, Sein happen to release Bang Bang, Mashup Africa,the prelude which means an introduction to his career and he hopes by God’s grace  will be a good one though the many obstacles he forsees.

As talented as the lad is, not only singing can he, but rap as well. Bang bang portrays his singing skills while   the prelude his rap skills. As every citizen should be, he is so optimistic, prayerful, discipline, humble just to name a few which are of course  good characteristics for every successful young man.

From the above analysis, one can clearly see that he loves his fans. Because of his love for his fans, he decided to offer them a valentines gift. A surprise package hoping all will love it. So he calls on all to anticipate DON’T PLAY ME which we think from the title will be out to advise people not to play with relationships, present the negative side of playing etc

Who will want to miss this surprise package? He calls on all to anticipate. Knowing some people might not know what he’s capable of doing, you can watch one of his songs below while waiting for the 14th. Watch THE PRELUDE

Thanks for readin readingreading till the end, we hope you loved it.


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