Importance of upcoming artists in the entertainment industry.


Nowadays, being an upcoming artist especially in the Cameroon’s entertainment industry is like a taboo to the masses. This can be identified in some situations whereby artists are insulted, mocked and neglected just because they are upcoming. Nevertheless, upcoming artists are the best persons for every entertainment industry because they are very important. Therefore, the points that follows seeks to portray the importance of upcoming artists to an entertainment industry. Hoping each will pick out at least an important point, don’t forget to scroll down; subscribe to the blog and drop opinions.

Importance of upcoming artists to an entertainment industry.

  • Pillars of hardwork and determination: Being an upcoming artist, you will have the tendency to work hard, aspire more and get determine because each upcoming artist have a main goal which is to ” hammer” so they tend to work hard, harder than the known artists and this teaches people to work hard to achieve their goals too.
  • Source of entertainment and representation of humility:Most upcoming artists have as main motive to entertain. This is seen whereby they do free shows, communicate with the public properly. They are a full representation of humility because though all the maltreatment from people they still take it focusing on their main goal.
  • Creates employment: If not of upcoming artists, entertainment bloggers will lack sufficient materials for thier blogs, there won’t be some show organizers as most use upcoming artists to their own benefits just to name a little.
  • A moral lesson to others: While being an upcoming artist, you undergone go a lot so future wise you will have a story to tell which will inspire others somewhere or some how.
  • Before being known, artists have to first be upcoming to make a good entertainment industry.

Some obstacles they face

  1.  Lack of capital/ finance/ sponsorship
  2. Lack of good team and management 
  3. Limited exposure 
  4. Insolence, looked down and humiliated. 
  5. Lack directions to take.

Possible solutions.

  • More people should invest in talent 
  • Promoters should help talented artists with no means 
  • Try to be versatile 
  • Build up a good working team
  • Avoid negativity 

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