The cry of the Masses(A must watch)


Last Saturday evening  after being too lazy to cook during the day, I decided to have chicken wings for dinner(unku bachelor) while listening to the ever sweet femme ideale on replay by Snazzy Shikena(if you haven’t listened to that, visit his YouTube account Snazzy Shikena and savor the melody of a talented Cameroonian) that I heard about the passing away of our legend Koffi Annan. I could recall I had to learn how to spell this name back in primary school in preparation for my common entrance examination. Feeling sad I thought of the present situation in our country Cameroon and at such asked myself  ” if uncle Koffi was still at the helm of the UN, will this anglophone problem be were it is now?”

With this so many thoughts in mind without a way out, I decided to continue consoling my spirit with some sweet Cameroonian songs on YouTube when I remembered this fresh song just dropped by Askia titled let’s talk, when it down on me there’s is always a way out because this song will definitely inform the world about what we are going through in our former peaceful Cameroon. Check out video below

While still listening to this with my many imagination in mind like a young teenage thinking of how he/she will have his/her first heart break or what if they have the so called unwanted pregnancy that YouTube suggested this song to me by Patoranking  heal D world.  I was first resistant to click on the song thinking of it as just another remix of the legend Micheal Jackson’s heal the world released some 8 years ago. It should be noted this song is always fresh in the mind each time you listen to it reason why it has 119M views and counting on YouTube. I quickly rushed first to the original version, as I had in mind to watch that from the king. The voice, the beats, the video stole my heart away as usual and I could feel my tears glands feeling up, same feelings I used to have when I watch a cry for help(Ble Ble). 

This song has so many version because of the meaning behind the song and it will be there for a long time to come if we continue with same scenario like that in southern Cameroon. After deciding to beat myself, cry and dry my tears, I decided to return to Africa and fall in love with our product. I clicked the Patoranking video so as to see what he has in store for us this time. At the beginning I was like for real, as a true believer of quality from Africa. the voice of the artist might not compare to legends Micheal. But I only imagined myself at a burial when you could see the women burst into tears when a new mourner storms the yard with a different version of morning the death.

The video was up at the top, the chorus was what stole my heart away like the feeling you have eating chicken on Christmas day in the early 90s. I was so caught up in the music that after 3:42 minutes, I was angry it got finished so quickly. I was like was this song made in China, why so soon, only then my brain decided to do it duties and reminded me that there was something like replay. The diversity in the song, the background, the different color of the people, most importantly the message it carries are some of those reasons that will make the song go places.

We can only pray and believe there will be brighter tomorrow to come in our former darling Cameroon. Don’t forgot to leave your comments and let others know your pain about our nation. Heal our nation Lord

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