12 artists the Cameroon government needs to invest in.


Cameroon is a country full of diverse talent and maybe the government should look into investing in persons who are talented but less privileged.

We have musicians, actors , pencil artists, models, just to name a few.

Imagine that Cameroon under the patronage of the Ministry of Arts and Culture, decides to invest in these people, its entertainment industry will kick-off and step-up.Thus, increasing rapidly.

So today, we will present 12 musicians who lack a strong base but if the government invest in them, they won’t regret.We’ll present other art creators in our subsequent posts. You can scroll below to subscribe and get notified.

12 Musicians the Cameroon government can invest in and not regret.

1. Ewube : Itz Ewube is a Cameroonian dancehall vocalist. She writes some of her songs and is a talent difficult to find somewhere else. If the Cameroonian government can assist her, they won’t be disappointed.

2. Awu: You cannot talk of talent music wise in Cameroon without mentioning Awusingsong. Awu is an embodiment of music talent itself. The Cameroon government should look into him.

3. Kowan : Disappointment can’t befall the Cameroon government if they invest in Kowan.Kowan regardless of his age is a talent Cameroon won’t be able to handle future wise because he is a full package. But at the moment, he needs assistance from the 237 government.

4. Jahiem C Tiku: Though young, he is filled with talent.

5. Tilla: Some say she is the dancehall and rap Queen.

6. Lydol: She is a spoken word poet, the best of her kind.

7. Pascal: He is the “Yung king” himself as far as rap in concerned. You know you know.

8. Liya: Her vocals are yet to be found. She’s a fast rising 237 talented Afropop singer.The government shouldn’t skip investing in her.

9.Askia: Salatiel is known for being a magical producer and he said he sees something in Askia no other person can see.Her punchlines her worth.

10. Kranzy: He is an artist signed under Tenor’s label. Kranzy’s talent is beyond Cameroon.

11. Wan Shey: There’s no way you love wisdom and you hate Wan Shey.Cameroon government should invest in people who teach the mass.

12. Young Holiday: Punchlines and lyrics wise, one can’t mention rappers without mentioning Young Holiday.

P:S, this wasn’t in any order. The aforementioned artists need a special Prize for pushing hard and hustling everyday despite the scattered nature of the 237 entertainment industry.

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