“Mr.leo…let him go and be counting your collangs.”- Tino Foy slams Leo’s bodyguard.


Tino Foy, CEO of Poise Social slams Mr Leo’s bodyguard calling him an idle man.

One cannot talk of great online writers/content providers without mentioning Tino Foy. Most people say he has inspired them via his writings on Poise Social since he has got a lot of wits.

He is highly loved because he calls a spade a spade. He can make humorous posts with actual intention of sending out a message.

So few minutes ago, Tino called out Mr.Leo’s bodyguard.

According to the Cameroonian writer, Mr.leo’s bodyguard is not supposed to be standing beside him on stage.

Mr.leo is an award winning Cameroonian singer. Of recent, he won the Canal 2’or as urban artist music of the year.

This Cameroonian singer has been constantly slammed online for repeating his Collang on several occasions.He however stated it clear on Facebook that he has 10 of these collangs of his.

When interviewed by Vicky Fokala at Canal 2’or concerning this issue, the young man said;

Just because im a celebrity doesn’t mean I always have to do what people want.At times I have to suit myself.

Many people termed this response of his as a witty one.

Yesterday saw the celebration of Blaise B’s music release party in which Mr.leo, Salatiel just to name a few presented.

According to Cameroonian witty writer Tino, Leo’s guard was on stage when he was presenting.

It’s at this moment that Foy calls out the guard asking him to occupy himself with counting Leo’s collangs as he appears to be idle.

He wrote:


Please tell your bodyguard he is not part of the show. He is not supposed to be standing besides you on stage.

If he is idle, let him go and be counting your collangs.

Mr.leo always seem happy when they talk about the issue of his Collang.

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