Ghanian actress Ella Mensah bleached in order to have roles in Nigerian movies.


Ghanian actress reveals the reason behind her bleaching.
Ella revealed yesterday that she bleached with an injection worth £2,000. According to this beautiful actress in an interview with Delay, she bleached to gain roles in Nigerian movies.

Ella further explained that she was dark before she went to Nigeria but later bleached her skin because that’s the only way she could fit in. She said “I’ve bleached. I don’ht use creams, I use injection”. She had before now revealed that Nigerian movie producers and directors prefer giving roles to light-skinned actresses, at the detriment of talented dark skinned actresses.

If you are a dark-skinned person, your talent alone is not going to push you up because a producer once told me that I have the height, the body and that I am look attractive’’ she explained in an interview with Sammy Flexx on Zylofon Fm.

The actress added that bleaching is her decision and helped her accepted in the Nigerian movie industry. She said ‘’I thought about it and it is my own skin and thank God I am not going to hurt or kill anybody. So I did it because I love it and also partly because of my job’.

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