Cameroonian rapper Qilla proposes to Askia.


This engagement took Cameroonian rapper Askia by shock as her rapper boyfriend asked her to marry him.

After Askia has been insulted severally by people saying she is a bad person, the lady just said yes yesterday in Limbe at her video release party.

Askia has been dating Qilla for sometime now.They flaunted social media with their love pictures.

People thought this was just a social media thing of which later they’ll breakup. Contrary to expectations, Qilla is ready to man up and make it official.

Rumours went about that they had broken up.According to the blogger, Askia is the one sponsoring Qilla and so she drove him out of her house sometime and almost committed suicide. He later came and saved her.

Qilla came online and refuted the allegations levied on him. Well, now he just proved that all were rumours.

In Askia’s Let’s talk video release which took place yesterday in Limbe, Qilla surprised Askia with an engagement ring.

Though there are always ups and downs, we wish them luck!

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