Home News (News)Soldiers rescue freed passengers along Buea-Kumba road.

(News)Soldiers rescue freed passengers along Buea-Kumba road.


Sources reveal that the BIR(Rapid intervention Battalion)rescued approximately 80 passengers who were kidnapped by unidentified gunmen along Buea-Kumba road.

According to a security source, these passengers were released after an operation was launched immediately after their abduction. He also confirmed that none of them were harmed.They revealed that just some of them lost some of their valuable items.

Reports have it that the passengers were stopped at Muyuka, ordered to step down, taken to bushes and their valuable items like their electronics, money, seized.

Due to this, it paralyzed traffic along the Buea-Kumba highway alerting defence forces who immediately launched a search and succeeded to rescue the passengers before clearing the road.

The rescue mission went deep into Wednesday as gunshots were heard in Muyuka but it is difficult to determine if there were casualties.

Source: JournalDuCameroun.

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