Nicki Minaj ‘s bf, Kenneth Petty’s ex invaded at home, beaten and shot.


Before getting into a relationship with Nicki Minaj, Kenneth Petty was in a relationship with an insta-famous bartender by name Noelle.

Noelle shared photos of a brutal home invasion.
Reports state that Minaj and Petty were childhood lovers who rekindled their love life back in 2018. Before this however, Petty dated an insta-famous bartender called Noelle who shares photos of a shock home invasion where she claimed someone tried to murder her.
Taking to her IG page, Petty’s ex claimed that someone broke into her home and attempted to kill her.

She wrote: “Thank go my daughter wasn’t home and I’m thanking God I’m still alive.”

“Came to shoot me in my own home and dropped your gun!!Im out of commission for a few.Pray for me.”, She added.

Kenneth Petty's ex girlfriend was almost killed in an attack
Kenneth Petty’s ex girlfriend was almost killed in an attack. Picture: Instagram

She went further posting numerous pictures of her bloodied face and home which revealed the brutal nature of the alleged crime.

These pictures will surely shock everyone because of how horrifying the incident seemed.People have been posting messages of support to Noelle who’s a New York resident and wishing her quick recovery.

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