‘Magasco di wear my clothes for ei videos’- Magasco narrates his encounter with a guy in Bamenda(Video)


Bamenda Boy, Magasco, narrates his encounter with a guy in Bamenda who claimed he wears some of his clothes for his music videos.

In an exclusive interview with Decodedtv, Magasco revealed a lot of things as usual.

He said he couldn’t imagine himself where he is today. For him, it seems unreal. It’s like a dream in fact. He loves Bamenda so much. That’s how he went on to reveal that whenever he is in Bamenda, he is very free. He can be found in all the “ghettos” people can’t imagine because that’s actually where he is from.

When talking about this, the CEO of Bboy records immediately remembered what happened to him when he went to a restaurant.

While there, a guy brought up a topic on 237 celebrities like Jovi. The guy argued that he knows Magasco very. He said the 29-year-old was very poor and he used to help him.

According to the guy, immediately Magasco hammered, he “smashed” him.

The guy didn’t end here, he said the singer of Cami Toyottta still wears some of his clothes in his music videos.

Little did the guy know he was talking to Magasco. Magasco was in his ‘ghetto’ mood so the guy didn’t recognize him.

Know more of the story as you click on the link below. He revealed a lot too.

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