‘Like play like play’, here’s Locko’s new looks.


It seems Cameroonian afropop singer, Locko, planned with 237’s talented rapper, Ko-C, to do a similar haircut.

Previously, a photo hit social media portraying Locko with different looks just when Ko-C had posted a photo of himself with a new hairstyle.Who could have imagined Locko had changed his haircut for real?We all know how people online are, most people thought it was photoshop considering the fact that Ko-C and Locko are very close.Here is the photo that went viral below:Locko who is a dark, tall, muscular 27-year-old dude had shaved his hair before, allowing grown hair in the middle. The singer of Let go has shocked everyone with his new haircut because he looks completely different.Before, he looked like this :A photo just hit social network, the guy standing with a lady looking completely different.Here is the photo below but don’t try to figure out who the lady is because I know y’all 😂😂.Well, could it be that Locko and Ko-C sat down and discussed on what they’ll do on their hair ? Or is it an operation ‘same hairstyle’ thing at every given period of time ?That’s Ko-c, he and Locko probably planned to be doing similar hairstyles everytime.

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