Magasco refutes signing any contract with Universal Music Africa.


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So yesterday, a press release went up on social media indicating that some Cameroonian artists; Magasco included, had signed a contract with Universal music Africa to join them.

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It took lots of people by surprise as most people know that Magasco had seperated with Empire Company for his own label BBoy Records.

People all perplexed were wondering why the Camitoyottta singer abandoned his label without informing the public for Empire Company then later signing a contract with Universal Music Africa.

Well, the Bamenda Boy has answers to all your questions.

The father of heart responded to the information that was posted on social media yesterday by first of all congratulating all those who had signed a contract with Universal Music Africa.

According to him, he hasn’t signed a contract with Universal Music Africa but is however included in an album titled Kings which he did with the CEO of Empire company, Pit B. He adds that it’s probably through this album that he might feature in some projects.

After having said previously that Empire Company is forever his home, he emphasis again on this post of his.

Check it out below:

P.S : It was signed by Magasco on 18th June 2019.

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